Hunt Brother's Pizza and Wings

Call us to place your order for Hunt Brother's Pizza or Wings.  All toppings for the same price (based on Hunt Brothers Measurement Chart).    

Prices are:


Specialty Pizza:  $10.99+tax

Large Pizza:  $9.99+tax

Additional Pizza:  $8.99+tax

Pizza Additional or Extra Toppings

Add Extra Cheese:  $1.59+tax

Add Extra Meat:  $1.59+tax

Add Extra Veggies:  $0.99+tax

Add Pineapple:  $1.99+tax

Bone-In Wings

Single Order (5 Wings):  $3.79+tax

Double Order (10 Wings):  $7.29+tax

Party Order (25 Wings):  $16.99+tax

Boneless Wings

Single Order (1 Cup):  $2.99+tax

Double Order (2 Cups):  $5.49+tax

Party Order (5 Cups):  $12.99+tax

Contact Us to Order

Phone:  970-268-5651